What I like

Jag i skogen
Here I am in the forest. I love it when we go there and sometimes I can run free and fetch sticks. I chew them. Matte says it's good for my teeth.



Min bilplats

I have my own place in the boot. When Matte says we are going in the car, I go to the garage because I know some people words in spite of what some experts say.



I like catching flies and mosquitos. That's OK with Matte,

but sometimes it's one of these and then she shouts NO,NO!
If people could make up their minds...


Wet dog
I love swimming and I want Matte to throw sticks for me all the time so I can swim and get them. Sometimes Matte swims with me. When she calls me I pretend I don't hear because I don't want to go home.


I like relaxing. Here I am on the couch in the office.