F r i e n d s


Rambis is a
Shetland sheepdog

This is my best friend Rambis. He is great and when he sees me he creeps slowly towards me until he is quite close. Then he runs the last bit to say hello.
I sit down and wait because I know his routine.
Rambis passed away in January. We miss him so much.


Sally, Irish setter

Sally lives in my street. When she first came I growled at her. She was just a pup then. She is very good and playful. I don't growl at her anymore now.

She won a prize.


CowMatte likes cows! Can't imagine why, when she's got me...




Mango is my neighbor. We met when we were young and played nearly every day. Now he doesn't want to play with me anymore. Well we are older now. He wants to be with his Husse and another Rhodesian Ridgeback. That's life I suppose...

It is so sad, Mango passed away in June 2007. We miss him a lot.


when he was young

Othello is a poodle. I like him because he is very independent. He lives with a cat, poor thing! I certainly wouldn't like that. He likes my Matte because she gives him goodies. Fine, because then I get one too.

We are so sorry because Othello passed away in October 2006. I will miss him.




No doghouse for me thank you!