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I hope you will enjoy a few moments with Irish Setter Mistral.

She will share with you her thoughts about life and people.

We live in a house near Stockholm.

House in summer

This is half our house in summer
with the green house

House in winter

This is the house facing the street
Christmas time. I like the snow.


Winter 2009/2010, looking at the guesthouse from the kitchen door


In Sweden a female dog owner is called "Matte" and a male dog owner is "Husse".
So now you know...

Part of garden

This is part of our garden. I can run loose because there is a fence and I don't jump over it now.

I'd rather run in the forest!


I have my own stool so I can watch the street. I bark if a car stops and wag my tail a lot if I see someone I know.

Guest house

This is our guest house. I love it when we have guests because sometimes I get presents so I put my nose in all the bags to see if there is something for me.


Hugs are nice!


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